Thursday, March 30, 2006

Appropriating the Available Constructs

This is taken from my class blog...I don't know why I want to put it here too. Maybe because it actually makes reference to real life as opposed to stuff I just make up.

The Available Constructs

Please comment on this if you can, guys. I'm entertaining it as a possible essay topic.

I was thinking about what Mike said today in class, about how the hobbesian stance can be applied to traditionally metaphysical notions but the metaphysical stance has more difficulty accomodating the hobbesian notions.

I think this is what ultimately accounts for the success of hobbesian social structures. It makes room for the metaphysical notions of love and gives it justification in reason as opposed to delegation to the inexplicable.

Take the movie V for Vendetta as an example. The "hero" of the film, V, is an example of the appropriation of Metaphysical ideas by the Hobbesian system. He fights Leviathan and creates unity amongst the people through his love of community and justice. However, violence and war is necessary to effect unity, just as Hobbes says. As romantic and inspirational as we will always find rebellion against authority, we cease to follow through when you realise that the movie ends on the verge of true chaos. An empire is torn apart through violent means. The country will founder in chaos until another Leviathan rises up to reinstigate peace. Peace will only come through submission to the higher Leviathan.

By appropriating the metaphysical authority God, because God is Love, and making God a mortal authority Hobbesianism is able to thereby usurp all the authority of that figure and the justifications for supporting that figure as a higher power.

Hobbesianism explains the world in a way that satisfies our need for rationalism. Because it is easier to imagine and believe in the negative parts of existence than to have faith in inexplicable good, Hobbesianism gives us a more accessible theory of the world, one we can really buy into. The inability of Love to incorporate Evil into its structure in a cohesive manner means that we are asked to have "faith". But this is no longer a world in which faith is strong enough to overlook such schisms in justifying a world view.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Just a Thought...

Sometimes I think the authority figures in my life like to inflate my ego for entertainment. They then watch me bumble around, displaying an unwarranted self-confidence. Just for kicks.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can we do this more often? I want you to teach me. I don't care what.....


“What do you want from me?”

A pause.

He looked into my eyes and thought for a moment before responding thickly, “Nothing…...what do you want?”

Just coming out of an alcoholic haze and into the realization of being in Corben’s arms, I was pleased with his answer and smiled as I pondered the question asked.

“I don’t exactly know,” smiling. This answer was an epiphany that had eluded me for the last two years that had passed since Cor and I had broken up.

*Spring 1998*

I stumbled as I tried to explain the unreality that had plagued me over the past few days. Romance was never really something I went in for. In fact, the whole notion as it exists today revolts me and has contributed to the end of more than one relationship. So I struggled, trying to convey myself without using the term 'romantic'.

“Well, I…I guess I have just been feeling…..well, sort of distant and …nostalgic? Maybe.”

This was an understatement, to say the least. The past days I had been slipping in and out of vicious daydreams so often that occasionally I was concerned with my grip, or rather lack thereof, on reality.

“I think I am just really dazzled by the idea of having one last fling with an old flame before we both move on with our lives, regarding each other as far off blurred memories.”

Actually, I stopped speaking after the phrase ‘old flame’, but I was sincerely thinking the rest.

I shifted myself off his lap and onto the couch next to him. The diffused light made his brown eyes appear almost black.

He made vague gestures while stammering “you’re not thinking about…you know…about…” Then more vague gesturing.

“No, I don’t know, why don’t you just say what you’re thinking?”

“Are you contemplating us getting back together?”

I was so startled. I felt my eyes grow wider. Without a second thought I blurted out “No! Absolutely not.” A stifled laugh. Perhaps a bit too quick a response for anyone’s dignity.

“Oh. Good. ‘Cause that’s not gonna happen.”

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am author to myself. As she read it back to herself, she decided it sounded unreasonably pretentious and scratched it out. I am author to myself. But then, how to start? The assignment was ridiculous and besides, she couldn't keep her mind on it anyways. As much fun as all this metaphysical abstract ideas stuff was it just didnt seem as impending as the myriad of other forces in life.