Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Time and the Degradation of Morality

Is morality just a matter of time?
As we proceed along our timeline of life, our sense of morality develops and grows alongside of us. But does that mean that it also degrades as time progresses in the same way that our bodies degrade as we get older?

Many of us start out with a particular notion of what is moral and as we age we become more inclined to be lenient with that notion. For example, when we were in grade school holding hands was next to scandal. What is it now? Something we view as oddly childish and...elementary. We are taught as young children that lying is a cardinal sin. When we are older we decide that sometimes a lie is acceptable or even necessary. Those of us who were once clung to the straight and narrow road of abstinence and sobriety see their values changing little by little. It is this evidence that the advocate of a slippery-slope argument for the preservation of morality base their most potent attacks. And yet there must be a thin line between moral integrity and personal growth.

At some point we all gain the cognitive ability to judge the precepts that we have been taught and decide to maintain or discard them. In a society where personal growth is a marketable commodity and moral preservation is either an idyll constantly punctured or an earmark of stagnancy will we eventually be left without a standard to support our society?
In just the way that each person is said to have a price, do we each have a time?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's a collective consciousness thing

If anyone can please be a little altruistic and contribute to my cause, please do. All I ask is that you share your most recent incident of awkward. It doesn't have to be your worst, just a recent one.

My most recent awkward experience was when a good friend of mine made a "joke" about sleeping with someone we knew. Except it wasn't a joke. And it wasn't funny. And I couldn't figure out any way to make it funny. Just uncomfortable.

And now its fucking hilarious.......

Let's Play

The Awkward Game!!!!

This is an exercise recommended to everyone. Just give it a try and decide for yourself.

Everyone is uncomfortable. Test your limits, test your friends. Here's how:

Go out of your way to make someone feel uncomfortable. If their reaction is to up the ante, then the game is on. If not, then let that be. Either way don't tell them it's a game.

Assuming that the game is on, continue the increase in discomfort until someone gives. It's like playing chicken. Whoever gives up first loses.

This game can also be played by exploiting already uncomfortable situations and making them worse. Don't forget to have fun and laugh. This is life at it's best!

...that's it's best.

The Awkward Manifesto

Life is constituted of awkward moments
linked by long periods of sleep.

These moments are the grains of human experience
that give birth to the beauty and knowledge of living.

People are too willing to anaesthetise their interactions with one another
to put a lens between themselves and life that filters out the rough edges.

Have you ever been more aware of your entire being
than when you wanted to be the least?

Those are the moments that color you, those are the things you remember.
They are the glimpses of bare reality that you should learn to treasure and seek out.

I ask you all, please go out. Put yourself in discomforts way. Engage for goodness' sake. It might feel like it's killing your soul, but without it you will be soulless.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

What happens when the selves we are now cannot be reconciled to the selves that exist in our minds? Are we doomed to live a splintered existence, or do these conflicting images come to superimpose and finally fuse...
If it takes too long, there are too many films to conflate and the image becomes lost.
Why can we never truly know the full extent of another person?
There is forever a boundary between us determining which facet of a friend we can lay claim to. I will never have access to your entirety. I wish you could know the whole of me. But for the divide between us. There is vain hope coupled with insurmountable reservations. Aside from what we allow of ourselves to be known, there is no way to be our full selves at any one time, because we are fractured beings reflected in the spectrum of our lives.