Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I got flashed today.
A man in my class was wearing a kilt with no undergarments and chose not to keep his junk to himself when he sat down. It was probably the worst part of my day. Aside from being caught entirely unawares, and having to hold my shit together because it was during a seminar AND I have a crush on the boy next to me, I had to pause and think about why this visual assaulted me so violently.
I can't imagine that it really has something to do with modesty. Who would believe me if I suddenly gasped "My virgin eyes!"? I dont feel that it is imperative for everyone to be swathed in cloth at all times of day, "hiding their shame" so to speak.
However, there is nothing remotely attractive about a man's penis....especially that of a stranger. The only time it is warranted to look or maybe even admire this particular body part is in porn and when participating in sexual engagement of one kind or another. Context is the key variable in these situations. IF I like you, and Want to see your penis, I would prefer it to be something shared only by you and myself, I being likewise exposed preferrably. Makes the whole experience much more palatable, possibly due to the pleasant physical implications.
With regards to porn, staring at a stranger's penis is really just a necessary evil in order to benefit from the personal physical response to be gleaned from femenine desire.
In class today, I found myself offended and even upset by this man's crass behaviour. Aside from the fact that its fucking chilly out, it seems ridiculous that this guy was unaware of his exposure. It is no secret that skirts greatly increase the opportunity for this kind of demonstration and I can only speculate that he was maybe doing it on purpose. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this. In a place of learning like a university, where safety has long been ingrained into the general mentality, AND the possibility for offence is in fact heightened due to the wide range of beliefs held by the students and staff, how can it be feesible that someone at some point condoned this sort of behaviour? Perhaps it is a shock tactic. Does it then require a reaction in order to be effective? If I were to take this person aside and impart to him the impact he is having on my ability to focus on class, would it instead be indulging his desire to be a shit disturber? I can't imagine any reaction I could have that would be scathing enough to make him regret his blatant disregard for the mental well being of others.
Except perhaps that he was pasty and white, and if I think about it, there wasnt all that much to be offended BY. Maybe next time be somewhat more thoughtful about what you expose to public scrutiny.


Blogger BetteDavisLies said...

I know these are nearly two years old, but I have to comment anyways. I once had a man "drag" his cock and balls across my cash register stand when I was a young girl working at the Home Depot. He did it in under the guise that he "didn't know" it was poking out of his fly. Not only was it completely premeditated, who ever wants to see a penis? It is about the ugliest flap of muscle and skin ever.

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